Swell,The expression and inheritor of Chinese culture

The old saying goes: "Rite, righteousness, integrity and shame are the four dimensions of a country; if the four dimensions are not open, the country is perishing." What is four dimensions: one is ritual, the other is righteousness, the third is honest, and the fourth is shame. Rites determine morality, righteousness is the proper way of doing things, honesty is honest and righteous, and shame is knowledge, shame, good and evil. While inheriting its classic connotation, Siwei keeps up with the trend of the times and gives itself a new definition:

Ceremony:A sense of life ritual. Use your own rules to enjoy the exquisite life.

Righteousness:Liberation of new thoughts. Find the most comfortable state and release the most inspiration.

inexpensive:Aesthetics comes first. Throw away the shackles and restraints, and make everything simple.

Shame:Life will not end. Know your preferences, be loyal to your heart, and be yourself.

Founded in 1952, Siwei Sanitary Ware is located in Chongqing City, which enjoys the reputation of "China's Four Famous Pottery". It inherits the Daxi culture that flourished in pottery making thousands of years ago. With "swell four-dimensional" as its own brand, it is a national enterprise integrating professional research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of complete sanitary ware manufacturing.


The Daxi culture has a long history and has been passed down for thousands of years As time goes by rivers and rivers, the ancient and mysterious veil of Daxi culture is gradually unveiled. Pottery that has been dormant for six thousand years is seen again, each of which records the craftsmen holding pottery clay, kneading it into shape, and rebirth it from the ashes. story. Like a shining pearl, it is rooted in the land of a mountain city, intertwined with the Yangtze River and Wushan Mountain. It has nurtured the prosperity of Bashu pottery and recorded the transfer of civilization in the Yangtze River basin. Daxi Culture is located in Wushan, Chongqing. As the birthplace of Neolithic in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, it is also called the birthplace of Chinese culture along with the Yangshao Culture in the middle reaches of the Yellow River and the Liangzhu Culture in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

Built next to the road, the factory pulled by the train

In 1952, with the opening of the first railway in New China-Chengdu-Chongqing Railway, the predecessor of Siwei-the fifth state-owned building materials factory was born. Beside this railway, artisans use countless days and nights of hard work and tireless exploration to develop and create with sincerity. In 1999, Siwei shares were issued online on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, opening a new era in the development history of my country's sanitary ceramics and becoming a new milestone in the history of ceramics development.

Living near the water, writing a story with water

Adjacent to the Yangtze River, prospering near the water. The collision of the mother river and the mineral resources of Shancheng moved the bathroom water life. The four-dimensional people use knowledge and wisdom to combine traditional culture with popular aesthetics, and write the story of soil and water, moving the history and time and space that rub shoulders with it. On the shore of this waterway, the sprinkled porcelain clay is like a pearl. The entire southwest is lit, and at the same time, the ceramic firing technology is handed down, and the kiln fire continues.

Excellent for mine, inheriting the prosperity of Bashu pottery

As a national historical and cultural city, Chongqing is also one of the birthplaces of Chinese ceramic culture. It is rich in mineral resources. Four-dimensional artisans select and experience from multiple scales such as raw materials, craftsmanship, ingenuity, and aesthetics, combining Chongqing’s rich and high-quality kaolin with The interweaving and integration of tempered ingenuity has contributed to the prosperity of the pottery industry in the Bashu region.

SWELL, since 1952. Located in Chongqing, one of “Four famous ceramic in China”. It inherits the water culture which has flourished thousand years, next to road, near to the river. As an independent brand, SWELL is a nationally integrated enterprise of R & D, design, manufacturing and sale.

SWELL has a long history of ODM(original design manufacturing), bases on thousands of years of ceramic technology and 68 years of ingenuity, SWELL has independent original design research and development ability. And it has been chosen to serve for many big brands and famous projects at home and abroad. Today, SWELL has changed from an ODM manufacturer who makes good products for worldwide customers. To make national customers can enjoy the export-quality with the best cost performance at home, showing the time-honored ODM manufacturer's creation standard and high-quality service to nationals. With the development of 68 years, it provides over 10 kinds of kitchen and bathroom product categories, such as toilet, intelligent toilet, faucet, shower hand, bathtub, accessory, shower room, hardware, and bathroom furniture. Company has own production bases around China, ceramic and bath cabinet in Chongqing, hardware, faucet, bathtub, shower room in Guangdong Province, intelligent toilet in Zhejiang Province, etc. The marketing network is all over the country, products have exported to more than 100 countries and regions, SWELL is showing Chinese quality to the world.

Convergence of honor, demonstration of strength

Now, Siwei has a national CNAS laboratory and a national toilet water efficiency label inspection and testing laboratory, and has the ability to independently issue third-party test reports. At the same time, with its strong R&D capabilities and technology, it has won many honors from customers and all walks of life, such as "iF Design Award", "Chongqing Time-honored Brand", "National Quality Inspection Advanced Enterprise", "2019 Advanced Unit for Standardization", etc. Qinggeng antibacterial glaze technology, water-saving technology, pressurizing treasure and many other technologies also demonstrate Siwei's pioneering spirit of continuous innovation.

National Health is in the right tide, creating the light of new national sanitary ware and new domestic products

"Shan Hai Jing" says: "The mountain of the Danxue has the bird yan, its shape is like a chicken, and the text is colorful. The name is phoenix, the first text is virtue, the wing text is righteousness, the back text is ritual, the fake text is benevolence, the belly The text is called letter. It is a bird, eats naturally, sings and dances by oneself, and sees the world peacefully." The colorful writings of etiquette, righteousness, benevolence, virtue, and faith are highly compatible with the four-dimensional etiquette, righteousness, integrity, and shame, and are destined to be a phoenix. The four-dimensional brand totem comes from virtue and dances for nine days, with a brand-new attitude, to welcome the attention of new people in the new world. Interpret the four-dimensional new image of the country, express the life attitude and values of the new youth in the new world, and showcase Chinese culture, Chinese manufacturing, Chinese youth and Chinese self-confidence.



1988年5月,四川陶瓷厂项目国家批准开工建设。 四维公司成为国家"七.五"计划期间在西南布局建设的大型建筑卫生陶瓷产销企业。






2001年,兼并成立重庆四维精美龙头公司,年产33万套五金龙头生产线 。






2008年 5月,四维与清华大学、德胜住宅研究院联合组建"四维卫浴空间合作研究室"。